Beaumont Organic, 49 Hilton Street

Quick update:

With less than three weeks to go before my master's project deadline, you can pretty much say that I am about to enter the full panic mode in... well, right about now. Besides working on my thesis every day, I've been going to the office at the Old Granada Studios - it's been so much fun! I can't believe I'm saying this but going to actual work is immensely better than writing a super lengthy academic work 😅. *gasp* I'm such a grown-up!


I got the opportunity to attend Beaumont Organic's sample sale a couple of weeks ago. I love their quality and their fabric but sadly - as with most brands - I couldn't find anything in my size.

Beaumont Organic is throwing an exclusive launch party! Would you like to attend? Click on the image or here to RSVP 😄 

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