Here' a little story...

On most days, I'm okay. Happy, at peace and incredibly grateful for my life. On some rare moments, I feel completely broken. Blame it on the exhaustion, the lack of self-love or simply down to some chaotic thoughts.

Last night was one of those rare moments... I broke down in tears. Sobbing hysterically into Tom's shoulders just before midnight. It lasted for about an hour and I don't really have an explanation for it. I couldn't feel my face and I was crying, sobbing, gasping for air and hurting all at once.

But today, I'm better - not completely okay but I'm doing well.

Moments ago, I was hesitant and unsure of what to write or if I even wanted to. But I wanted to use this post to sort of remind myself that not everything is okay all the time and it's okay that it isn't so but things will pass and everything will be okay.

For future me and anyone else who may not have had the best of days... 

What I'm currently lusting after...

Zara Kids' this season is giving me life. There's simply too many pieces that I'm obsessed with. Oh, special shoutout to my mom for buying + sending me clothes from Zara Kids' Hong Kong! I needed some fresh new wardrobe update as I've been giving away and donating my clothes to charity. I probably threw out more than I should but ugh, I wanted to deep-clean and streamline my wardrobe.

The weather's getting increasingly gloomy here in Manchester and it's making me moody AF. I also feel like I'm stuck in a rut and am unsure about everything. I think I need some sun.

On another note, I'm also missing the little twins a lot... I just FaceTimed my cute lil cousins and OMG, they can really hold a conversation now. They. Are. Just. So. Freaking. Adorable. 😫 ← my face when I see them!


2. Masculine coat £49.99 - I tried this coat in red and I fell in love with it but obviously, I have yet to purchase it cause I have learned self-control over the years 🙄
4. Pleated trousers £12.99

I am #uninspired

The lack of inspiration is largely one of the reasons why I've sort of turned this space into more of a food and lifestyle blog. I do still enjoy writing about fashion, in fact, I do so actively over at The Fashion Network but when it comes to my own digital space... I simply can't bear to write about or of fashion due to the lack of inspiration. My old blog used to contain wish lists, runway inspo, mood boards and other various fashion-related posts but I have no wish to return to creating those type of content. Not for now anyway. It may be because I'm simply more critical of myself with what I create but I think it's due to just how saturated the fashion blogging sphere is. There's so much out there that I think everything lacks authenticity and originality.

Everything right now is all just meh to me 🙄.


Quick update:

It's been nearly three weeks since I've handed in my thesis and I can't say I've done much since. Oh I went for an eyelash perm (love the results btw!) and I've been actively trying various products to clear my skin since all the stress-related breakout. I'm so glad it's slowly working 😊!