Thursday, April 23

Ashes & dust

I really think I'm losing my passion for running this blog. There's just so much (or so little) going on in my life that I just never have time for it anymore. I have about a hundred things to think about everyday and honestly, my blog just isn't that big of a priority anymore. I've been pretty down lately and I honestly haven't been doing much. I waste my days away by gaming or accessively reading BuzzFeed for hours on end. I wish I still have that spark a few years ago when all I could think about was writing and running this space. I wonder if this is me growing up and being really boring. I don't wanna be a boring old person!

I don't know what's gotten into me but I'm gonna write about the boyf. He works everyday and gets home at 8pm. I miss spending time with him and I feel as if my days don't start till he gets back. But he mostly falls asleep by 10pm (and I understand that, can't blame him). And then there's me staying up all night trying to get some sleep for another boring day of activities. I don't really look forward to waking up by myself with nothing to do for the day. It's kinda depressing. I really wish I lived in the city. I mean sometimes I'm fine with doing nothing in my room but then there are days where I just breakdown cause I am so bored and I have nothing to distract myself with. 

If I should say so myself, I think I've pretty much lost some part of me this year. I'm no longer as outgoing as I used to be, no longer as.. carefree. As of now, all I can think about is organising my work placement and finishing up my last assignment for the year. I don't have anything to get me through the day. I mean there's the 'I look forward to getting my coffee in the morning' thing but even then I have to now steer clear of that so I can go to fucking sleep at night.

I'm frustrated. I'm terribly, terribly frustrated and I have zero idea what to do. And just in case this isn't what you came here for.. here's some pictures I took in Chester.
Ugh I need to stop being so moody and anxious.

Wednesday, April 15

Free glasses for spring!

Hey you guys! I am back with another Firmoo giveaway because yay to free glasses! View my previous posts here and here.

Here's a little 411 for you guys: Firmoo is a global online optical store that offers a wide range of classic and fashionable glasses. And from personal experiences (I own two pairs) they're high quality products! Have a look at their products at 

That's my fav pair that I got from Firmoo!

This giveaway is only exclusive to products from this page: Click here to browse. Giveaway ends on the 25th of April. Good luck guys x

Sunday, April 12

Short huuuuur

One week to go till this holiday is over! Just a little bit of update on everything: I've spent most of this break being in Manchester with Fristi and it's been super nice ♥ Also, look at ma hair!
So I've shopped and ate so much good food this break I'm happy ♥ The weather has been pretty okay these days that I've been able to wear shorts. Head on over to my Instagram   (@annicknickky) to see pictures of Sakura/food/me + Fristi 

Late OOTD:
I think the top is from Choies(?)
Tights from Uniqlo
Shoes from Dr. Martens
This was pre-haircut. Like literally a day before I got it done.

Monday, April 6

The line between us

*picture sans makeup


Put it this way, I've seen better days and I've felt better than this. But hey, I'm here, I'm strong and I'm calm. This week has been another learning phase in knowing what's good for me and what isn't. It's sad when things don't work out but I'm not about to put in a whole lot of effort if I know nothing's gonna change.

I miss home, I miss my family and I miss my real friends. Don't get me wrong, not everything is all bad with me here but the exceptions to it are pretty.. bad.

In all honesty though, I can't wait to be home, to be free again (funny how this has changed). But anyways, I went out on Monday night and I had a blast 


On an attempt to cheer myself up, I tried to do things that would make me happy. I focused on happy thoughts (I tried), thought of what to wear to Fristi's birthday dinner this Sunday aaaaaaaand went on Zalora online store for some shopping. Oh and on that note! When you click on to Zalora's main homepage .. notice the pretty hot male model? Funny enough, I recognised him almost immediately due to him being one of my friend's boyfriend! What a tiny world we live in..

Y'know what, I can't actually remember the last time I shopped for clothes. Ugh, what has my life become. I swear I'm like having a mid-life crisis now. I worry about bills, groceries and getting enough sleep. UGH! I'm off to shopping right now to feel better! Hello, Zalora *winks*.

Here's a mirror selfie from when I looked nice.
PS: I have a sudden interest to go become a certified makeup artist. I couldn't pursue art as a degree but makeup is a form of art no? So...

Friday, April 3

A dose of everything

Dear British weather, can you be a little warmer? I mean.. it's spring y'know.

All images are from :)