Monday, December 29

Gifts, gifts

I got so excited when it snowed a few days ago when I was writing my previous post. It hasn't snowed since but hey, it all settled quite nicely on the ground. The temperature stayed at -2Âșc ever since and right now, I'm slightly feverish. Ugh.

But on the bright side.. I received so many lovely presents this year (both for my birthday and Christmas). I feel so blessed. Received this super beautiful Agnes B bag from my aunt in HK!
Above: The boyf got me the book I've been wanting to read (and cry over again) and Fristi got me this amazing colouring book! So excited to maybe paint it in larger scale on a canvas!
Below: Brother got me a street surfer (he's trying to get me killed/heavily bruised). I really want to learn to ride it but I know it's gonna involve a lot of me injuring myself.
Above: The boyf also got me Britney Spear's perfume cause I said I wanted one (it's the best-seller for the holidays ok).
Not pictured: A really flattering NastyGal dress and Birchbox subscription from the boyf!! Yes, yes I would totally do a monthly review on it :) Oh the brother also got me Pokemon  Omega Ruby on the DS buuuuuuuuut it's the European version and my DS is American so.. it's gonna be returned. Many thanks to the boyf's mommy for all the cute Christmas gifts that came in the parcel :)

Sad updates on the DIY silver hair: IT DIDN'T WORK because I didn't use proper bleach. So a trip to the salon it is. Hopefully soon *fingers crossed*

Delayed updates on this page of mine: I tried to sell off the items to people I know in RL but sadly, the sizes don't fit. So here I am.. finally updating the page. Please help these lovely clothing find a loving home! They're desperate to be worn. Go check it out here cause I'm selling off things at a cheap price.

Friday, December 26

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone's had a good Christmas yesterday! I've spent the holidays (so far) playing Sims and pretty much nothing else. It's so nice to not have to worry or think about any work :D I've received lots of lovely gifts and ate lots of food. Apologies for not posting much but I needed the time off of everything. My life hasn't been any more exciting these days. No day outs, no outfit posts, no nothing. It's all been very, very boring lately. As sad as I am about it, I'm also relieved?

But anyways, here's some Sims-talk: My fav bit of playing Sims is building, designing and decorating the house! A little part of me have always wanted to be an interior designer haha. I swear when I get my very own place in the future.. I'm gonna decorate the shit out of it. I think I'm getting old because I have been window shopping for home items instead of clothes! I mean, how weird is that?! I'm still in uni.. I'm just adoring rugs and decors and lots of other things :)

I put together an illustration of an Annick-approved living room consisting of pieces from Modani and NastyGal (duh).
The perfect white sofa is found in Modani's modern sofas collection. Oh, I'm pretty damn sure that my family homes has a few pieces from Modani because of its contemporary and sleek designs. I mean, the name just sticks out to me.. probably from the many trips to the furniture store that my family does (we move a lot).

But yeah..

Coffee table, mirror and coats hanger are also from Modani. Go check out their modern furniture if you enjoy window-shopping for a non-existent home yet haha.
Everything else from NastyGal.

Have a very merry holidays everyone! x

Wednesday, December 17

Stress Overkill

In the last 10 days, I have been out of the world busy. Honestly, I have been so stressed I want to just hurt myself. I need to get a good fix of positiveness. The exhaustion and frustration I feel is eating me away. Ugh, so far.. being 20 sucks due to the amount of work I've had. My birthday went okay I suppose. I had a buttload of fun for the night but tbh I never really got to do some of the things I actually wanted to. I mean, I can't remember the last time I've been on a nice day out anywhere. There's just so much frustration going on right now that I can't even smile.

I've still got some work to do that's due in on Friday *sigh* All I want to do is shut my eyes and shut down. Completely. I have nothing remotely interesting or happy to write about since my last post. All I want to do is vent and cry and sleep. I'm struggling to tell myself that everything is gonna be okay. I feel so frustrated. SO FUCKING FRUSTRATED I JUST WANT TO SCREAM IN EVERYONE'S FACE CAUSE NO ONE GETS ME.

I'll write again when I stop feeling like this. This weight at the back of my throat is driving me nuts!

Sunday, December 7

December is slipping past

Just 7 days to go till I turn 20 and I think, I'm excited. I guess normally, no one likes turning a year older but for me.. I like that. Cause I'm almost never taken seriously (especially at home) so I guess being 20 makes me feel like I have more authority? But then again, can anyone take a 20 year old who still shops in the children's section seriously? But anyways, in the past few days I've managed to finish off one of my essays aaaaaaaand fallen sick. I've caught a nasty cold!

On another note, it's me and the boyf's one year anniversary today ♥
And as usual, I'm gonna complain about how cold it's been getting. *sigh* I just want a mobile heater with me 24/7. Also, all I want to do these day is put on makeup just for the fun of it. I bought quite a few new Revlon Color Burst matte balms on Black Friday and I'm super happy about it.

Absolutely loving the new lippie colours I got! Oh and that's my hair now.. I haven't got the time to tone it yet so.. it's still just an ombre instead of silver. I think I'm actually getting really good at making ombre-colored hair now haha. Also, if the toning doesn't give me the colour I want, guess it's time for me to pay the salon a visit and get it professionally done.

Also, keep voting for me on Firmoo you guys! Click to vote here! Much love x