Thursday, May 22

OOTD / A mix of blue

Wore this outfit sometime last week when I went to Trafford Centre with the boyf :) had a spectacular date that day but I just remembered I totally spaced out on posting about this.. so here it is.

Blazer from Bershka
White-T from H&M
Floral shorts from Forever21
Flats from ASOS
Necklace from random shop in Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Bag from Urban Outfitters
and coffee from Starbucks!

Tuesday, May 20

Weekend OOTD

 Went to Machester last weekend with the boyf and Max for a meal at Wagamama's and this is what I wore. I haven't been doing much recently besides being preoccupied with Pokemon on the DS. Don't judge. I've got an exam coming up on the 27th!

Crop top and skater skirt from H&M
Flats from Zara
Also wearing OPI Big Apple Red on the nails
Oh and my Wellies' in the picture!

Monday, May 19

YAY BlackFive Giveaway!

Hey lovelies! Thanks for all the love on my previous OOTD sponsored by :)

I honestly loved wearing that blue romper!

And now, I'm here to tell you that they're having their first ever giveaway where you can win gift cards worth $30 - $100. The rules are the simplest.

First of all, register on their site here.
Once you're done, leave a comment on their page here.

Just like that you're done!

You stand a chance to win their gift cards and winners will be announced on the 26th of May. I would encourage everyone of you to sign up between 19th - 23rd of May cause you'll get an extra $5 coupon on top of that (and registering anytime will get you a 20% off discount).

Hurry up you lovelies! Don't miss out on this! When was the last time I gushed so hard about an online store? Their clothes are pretty amazing and you just need to discover this!

Good luck on winning the gift cards! I'm off to participating as well :D

Friday, May 16

BlackFive OOTD / Blue romper

Received this lovely romper from and I wore it the other day. And I was absolutely surprised at how soft the material was! Oh and I find it umm.. nice.. that they used FedEx instead of any other shipping companies :)
Though is relatively new I think they're gonna do great just because of the clothes that they sell! I love their stuff already. I mean, it's not every other day you get to find a decent online store that sells clothes with clothes that's actually of quality. Oh and guess what, they're reasonably priced too.

Well, I've been wearing blue a lot lately but I absolutely love this blue romper to bits! And if you've seen enough of this blog, you know that I rarely wear anything that's floral. I tend to color block my outfits. Oh I've had to made some adjustments to the romper due to *obviously* my size but I'm happy enough to do it cause the material is so soft, it makes me so happy already :)
That's it for now! Follow me on Instagram @ annicknickky for more pictures guys!

Friday, May 9


And so I'm done with my first year in uni and had a celebratory oversized-venti Starbucks frap 
With the end of classes, comes my want to be fit again. Excuse the frap above, that was a little treat. Started off today with exercise routines that I used to swear by almost every other day.. here's the link to my old post but if you can't be bothered, here's a few GIFs for ya :)

I'm gonna work till I'm happy again.

Tuesday, May 6

Summer/Masquerade Ball's OOTN

Accessories from Accessorize
Dress from NastyGal
Heels from Bershka
Here's a bonus snap chat from me and the boyf! Yea, we're just being cute.. we're usually not (riiiiiiight).
Add me on snap chat @ annicknickky :D
Fav picture of the boyf and me from the night ♥ oh and the glittery eye temporary-tattoo/mask is from TopShop.

Alright, heading back to my assignments now.
Stay tuned x