Monday, March 31

Pink spring!

Photos from last Saturday's party after varsity! So happy for Max (rugby) and Tom (futsal) for being the only two teams that won against Manchester Metropolitan University :) Oh and am super proud of my brother's cricket team (they're known as the Pinteaters LOL) for winning the cup competition! Needless to say, there was a big celebration for all..
Top and body con skirt from Bershka

Oh and I did my makeup a little different that night. Added a hint of pink blusher & Dollywink falsies.
Yes, all pink everything for that night 

PS: I will be (am already) abandoning my blog for a few days until my Sims addiction is over because uhhh I just bought Sims for my mac and I can't stop playing it :X blame it on my inner geek! But I promise I will be back soon cause really, how long can I stay away from my lovelies?

Wednesday, March 26

OOTD // Chicnova

Spring is here (thank god) so it's time to for some crop tops and shorts! Here's my take on street style.. and yes, these are so comfy I rewear them quite a bit :P 

All tops are from
Click here to view the top
 Click here to view the top
Click here to view the top

My personal fav is the first! Which one is yours?


Also, I spent some quality time messing about in photoshop for my new designs for this blog. I might change the header again when I can but right now, I'm quite happy with what I've managed to do :) Oh and I just missed dinner because I was too busy coding the layout so now I'm starving. Ugh. I guess I'm getting pizza later then. Ahhh and I've got to finish up an assignment that's due in tomorrow then I'm all done. Well, until May at least. I've got 4 last assignments and an exam left then I'm done being a fresher.

And I guess it's time to do some shopping when I'm free because spring is finally here :) but you know what would be the dream? Free clothes, that's the shit. Someone help me out?

Thursday, March 20

Hair muse

Not kidding when I say my hair has been annoying me a lot lately.. It's got to a point where it's jus too long for me to maintain it. Hint: It's almost reaching my butt or in other words, half my actual height! (YIKES) So, I've been looking for a hair muse and easy enough, found inspirations within seconds. Honestly, I want to get my hair done ASAP urgh.

This perhaps? I'm absolutely loving the shorter hair that Kylie is rocking!
(Wonders if this looks good for me.. well, only one way to find out eh?)

Sunday, March 16

Friday's OOTD

Finally busted out one of the many dresses I got from Been meaning to wear it but no occasion was special enough. And since the weather seems to be getting warmer.. I went ahead and wore the velvety ones last Friday :)
 I absolutely adore this dress :) It fits me so well and the dress is insanely soft. Also, I did my makeup in 10mins (heehee)!

*EDIT: Also, iPhone case is from :)
Type in 'ANLAC10' for a 10% discount!!

Friday, March 14


Back again from another stressful week filled with assignments. One of my assignments this time was to cover actual news and produce a newspaper.. which, I'm pretty happy about. Anyways, the weather's been playing with my feelings :( It was sunny and warm a few days back! Now it's back to being gloomy and cold.. Please, please be warm soon! *sigh* At this point now, I think I've got a few days to myself till I have to start on my next assignment again. Seriously, someone just kill me already. Media and Journalism is actually driving me nuts. It's not that I don't appreciate the workload, there's just too little time for everything!

Ah, I'm gonna stop talking about that cause I don't want to talk about uni work anymore.

Warehouse Project last Saturday was pretty amazing. Didn't top Hardwell but I've got to say, Fedde le Grand and Benny Benassi really blew my mind off! They were surprisingly good.. but Eddie Halliwell and Laidback Luke on the other hand, were okay but not as good as we all expected. All in all though, being able to go to another rave with friends I love meant everything ♥ I'd like to say, you guys are the best!

Spamming pictures and videos from last Saturday :)
And guess what! Skrillex liked my video on Instagram! You have no idea how mad I went when I realized the actual Skrillex really did doupletapped my vid :D If this is not another reason for you to follow me on Instagram, I don't know what else to say. I mean.. SKRILLEX LIKED MY VID! *excuse my inner fangirl* 


Mm and over the course of these few months, I'm very happy that I got to befriend Max. I suppose I've got the boyf to thank for this time (he is the best friend?). Honestly, I love them two to bits.
Here's my current fav picture below. Me and the boyf came to a realization that one of us always pull silly faces so we never really have a decent-normal looking picture together.. okay fine it's generally me or Max. Hahaha fine, it's mostly me everytime :P 
So much love for these two!


And more random pictures from my IG..

Saturday, March 8

Going collared

Went to Manchester after my morning class last Wednesday mainly to visit my brother (well, to give him his souvenir from Spain) but also to shop. Didn't manage to buy anything except for a gold eye tattoo from TopShop for the summer ball Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike rave in May. I was being so nice to my bro cause I even bought him sushi :O And of course, naturally.. he suspected I was up to no good haha.
Top from NastyGal
Bodycon skirt and tights from H&M
Phone case from BornPrettyStore
Will be heading off to Victoria Warehouse later this evening for this..
Let the fun begin!

Friday, March 7

Pics from Barcelona!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay but I've had work to do/classes to attend since I got back, but here's some of the pics from my trip to Barcelona with the boyf :)
Here's a little vid from the streets!