Friday, February 28

Another adventure

The boyf is taking me to Barcelona, Spain (heehee) 
I'll be getting back on Monday so I'll update again with pictures from my trip in March. For now, here's last night's OOTN :) Oh, follow me on Instagram if you'd like to see my updates.. I tend to post pictures up there more often :)
 Top and skater skirt from H&M
 And here's me looking fatter than usual.. with the boyf of course 

Tuesday, February 25

NOTD Eyes + Vids

(This was half a week ago) Finally got some time for actual nail art! This time I decided to go with eyeballs :) I pretty much got the idea from I've always loved her work and I always will do so..
Click here to go to her tutorial post.

And as promised before, I've uploaded a few vids from Hardwell. Ugh, I can't wait to go to Benny Benassi/Laidback Luke/Fedde le Grand/Eddie Halliwell/Kryder/D.O.D on March 8th! And of course, Steve Aoki on April 5th!


And while we're at it, I came across this on Instagram yesterday. Its the UNICEF Tap Project. Basically if you have a smartphone, go on to and keep away from your phone. For every 10 minutes that you don't touch your phone, UNICEF Tap Project donors and sponsors will fund one day of clean water for a child in need. As of now, I've done enough to fund for 45 water purification tablets! That's 12 days of clean water for children in need!
I hope everyone will participate in this and help those in need. Oh you can also make donations :) let's all help out whatever way we can and tbh, this is really simple for us!



Meanwhile, stay tuned guys x

Friday, February 21


I'm back from a very exhausting but awesome trip in Belgium. Though we had less than 6 hours of sleep everyday, I'm very happy/grateful I got to go. We visited NATO, Reuters, the European Parliament, European Commission and European Council in three days. We also sat through actual press conferences (including the breaking news for Ukraine!), a lot of briefs from spokesperson and even talks from European politicians. The fourth/last day was our free day so we went to do some little exploration, shopping and a lot of eating. We didn't manage to do much cause none of us had any energy tbh. And our legs were killing us.. actually, mine hurt so bad when I finally woke up this afternoon. It's honestly been mentally and physically draining but I know this is a rare chance and I really appreciate all the efforts our lecturers put in to make this possible. Thank you again :)

Oh did I remember to mention that we had to go through a least 6 security checks everyday? It's as strict as the ones at the airport.. some were even worse. Most of the guys got properly frisked at a daily basis LOL. Well, here's a few pictures that I've taken. Belgium is honestly beautiful.

Saturday, February 15

Psychedelic LBDs

After a much needed 14 hour sleep, Annick is up and about again :) How rare is it to see me blog so much within a few days?! Well, that's because I'm finally recharged with energy and reading week just started. But am leaving to Brussels on Monday at 6:30am (reason why I need all the rest I can get). I'm gonna buy loads and loads of chocolate while I'm there! Oh I'll be back on the 20th but I'll probably have to use the rest of my reading week to finish up other assignments *sigh*

I may or may not be blogging then but I will definitely be posting pictures on my Instagram from Brussels. So be sure to follow me here.

Getting back to the point, I'm here to show you guys a few of my many LBDs. I know, I own an awful lot of black items but hey, it's a classic color that goes with every occasion.
First up is this dress I bought from I love this dress but its a little bit too long on me (their petite sizes aren't petite enough!). Check it out here.
And here's a backless LBD from This is honestly way too big for my tiny frame but I guess it looks alright in pictures. Check it out here.
This is a much warmer LBD I bought from (its material is knit-like?). Again, this is way too big on me but somehow it looks okay in pictures LOL. Check it out here.

Apart from the 5 minutes when I wore these LBDs to take pictures, I haven't wore them out at all. They are too big for me and I don't really know what to do with it. All these dresses are in size XS so I have no idea who to give it to. I might sell these off, I might host my own giveaway so be sure to check!

Oh btw, notice my awesome psychedelic iPhone cases? It's a courtesy from! I honestly love the quality and the design :) here's a picture of the two cases along with one of my psychedelic sweater..
See how pretty it is? Be sure to check it out on their site because it is just so darn cheap! Also, if you do decide to buy it, use ANLAC10 to get a 10% discount :)

Friday, February 14

Bleak and I need distractions

And if you're ever
Feeling lonely
Just look at the moon

Is looking right at it too.


Don't you get those rare times when you just want to be alone? Perhaps it's that day for me, even though it's Valentine's. All I want to do is re-watch my favorite tv series and eat lots of chocolate. Perhaps even have some unmentionables. I started the day too early and with too much emotions. I refuse to crumble but it aches. Someone told me to keep busy and time will pass in no time. How do I keep busy then? My thoughts are always.. there. It'll always go back to that thought that's lurking right behind.
Everyone says they understand, but just how much do you think you understand? Can you feel exactly what I'm feeling? Can you help me get out of my thoughts? No, you can't. Let me deal with myself the way I know I can. Personal space, I need my personal space. So what if I took a little time off? The world still spins. No one's gonna get harm from it.
I'm too bleak right now.
Let's talk about clothes and other pretty things instead, I need distractions.
Inspirations, I need inspirations!



I feel the need to revamp myself. New hair maybe, couple of wardrobe changes? Hmm, wonder what I'm gonna do with my unwanted clothes..

I really want pastel hair and my white ink.

Well, here's a throwback to better days when I was out and about during the late nights and early mornings.
Top from Persunmall
Knit tights from H&M

Get your top here for $13.99:

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