Saturday, August 31

5 and 10 days

10. Am officially sick. To the core.
Went from a normal flu to an infection to the ears again. Oh well, guess it's time for me to rest and recover. Meanwhile, pretty pictures for all! Fall inspiration.. (okay, this is to prepare myself for the UK weather). 

5. Fall essentials:
Scarves & accessories
Hot chocolate & loves

Tuesday, August 27

A blur of days

Hello guys, my throat has been feeling uncomfortable for the past few days. Haven't done much except counting the days till I leave. Exactly 14 days to go! I've finally started doing some light packing which includes randomly throwing knitwear in to my luggage and nothing else :P oh also, I finally managed to buy something yesterday.. a woolen jacket from Bershka! Happy me is happy.

Here's an OOTD from maybe 2 days ago?
Top from H&M
Denim shorts from American Eagle
Bag from a stall in Publika

And then I finally got my ass to the gym today. It's been far too long..I've been living the panda life for quite awhile now :3 not overly happy with only half an hour on the bike but I guess it'll make do for now. I've also lost all the extra weight I've gained during my trip back to Malaysia! YAY!

Bonus pictures for the day;
That's some crazy amount of Hong Kong taxis isn't it?! It was taken at the airport on the day I went to pick up my brother and grandma. Aaaaaaaaaand..
My skin is clearly behaving these days ;) this picture isn't even filtered! And it was taken 5 minutes after I got off the stationary bike. Well, till I update again xx

Saturday, August 24

Never look back

Decided to do an OOTD post just because I haven't done it in awhile. (picture below; in love with my collarbones shhhh)
Top from H&M
Skirt from Cotton On
Spiked bag and flats from Zara

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Monday, August 19

Two days grace?

Had dinner with Matthew at Butao in TST two days ago and then we headed to Vibes in Mira Hotel. Happy I got to hang out with the girls and okay, the guys too. Then we hopped over to Joe's. Picture below is taken at Vibes, cool ain't it? Proud of the 'cloud'.
 Oh me and the lovely Vivian :) we need to hangout again..soon!
Fast forward to the next day; had lunch at Sen-Ryo in Elements with Matt and Carlos (he was just sitting there on the account of him being super duper sick). Then we drove around and ended up at that same spot again.. underneath the bridge. It's just too pretty here that you forget it's actually Hong Kong. Makes me feel like I'll really miss this place. All the memories, all the people..
And naturally, I wanted to take some pictures. Mmm after sending Carlos home to rest, we went to watch the Conjuring again. And okay, even when I've watched it a week or two ago, I got scared again. Met up with Judy and Kelvin afterwards and we just chilled. Right now, Matt is on the plane heading back to NY then Florida. See you again next year! Thanks for all the car rides and macaroons and whatnot :)