Sunday, September 29

Freshers spirit!

Hey guys, I'm settling in just fine at university! Sorry for the lack of updates but there has been a lot of activities going on during freshers week. Sometimes it does get a little boring during the day but that's easily solved with talking to random people around campus. I'm enjoying myself and have also been doing a lot of cleaning in my room. Inductions were all good and classes are starting tomorrow :) I'm having classes everyday but it's all short ones with only one in the morning on Wednesday! Yay for me!

So I'm really tired and been having very little sleep but honestly, I've had fun. For freshers' night outs, we've had throwback student's night where everyone dresses up as schoolgirls/schoolboys and onesie film days. Below is a picture of my onesie and my extremely comfortable bed :3
Aaaaaand random pictures I've taken..
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Wednesday, September 25

Soon, okay?

Am currently super busy being a fresher. I'll try to update ASAP. I'm beyond exhausted from all the activities :(

Saturday, September 21

A thousand, just for you

All I've been doing these few days, is play the Xbox and maybe wander around Manchester. Visited both the Manchester Museum (museum of archaeology, anthropology and natural history) and the Whitworth Art Gallery. Loved both of the places really :) though I was a little freaked out by the stuffed animals and skeletons.. it was a great visit.
Hmm, I've also been to the gym twice and here are my updates:
September 17th - 14.15km
September 20th - 15.40km
Total to date - 261.86km

And I'm heading off to Chester tomorrow! Freshers starting this Monday :) let's hope I'll have a good time..

Tuesday, September 17

OOTD - Gloom/Doom II

Hello again! Just thought I might just do not one, but two OOTD updates just because :)
Denim top from H&M
Bodycon skirt from H&M
Cardi-hoodie from Bershka
Sweater from Bershka
Denim-hoodie from Choies
Leather bag from Seeger by Karl Seeger

Saturday, September 14

A little something

It doesn't hurt to browse some stuff online does it? ...and maybe possibly buy some? :P check out efoxcity for pretty items at wholesale prices! From discounted evening dresses, summer dresses or even men's t-shirt (hey it doesn't hurt to be androgynous sometimes) they have it all.

As I'm in the sweater weather kinda phase, I kinda am tempted to buy these tops..

Wednesday, September 11

Hello from Manchester

Said my goodbye to my dearest summer days.. And now, hello gloomy weather. Picture below; the heartbreakingly beautiful concrete jungle that is Hong Kong.
Will update again ASAP x

Friday, September 6

All dressed up with nowhere to go

Today's OOTD feat. the super comfy hooded denim jacket from
Hooded denim jacket from Choies
Cropped top from H&M
Skater skirt from H&M
Heels from NastyGal
Aaaaaaaaaaaaan mirror selfie because me likey!
Check out the jacket here.

Tuesday, September 3

Today's OOTD + day out

Felt a lot better today :) thank you for all the well wishes my dear readers! But side effects from the meds includes puffy eyes and swollen overall face puffiness I guess! Urgh, well I went to Stanley today (cause it's my brother's birthday as well) and had awesome spanish food. Read on for some food porn..
 Garlic bread with tomato puree
 Fresh oysters
 Sardine with ratatouille
 Parma ham and chorizo with garden salad
 Lobster and spinach bisque
Mushroom and cream soup
Rib eye
Seafood paella with king prawn

Went to IFC and Olympic afterwards for some shopping with le mommy. My brother and I managed to bought heaps of clothes! Quite a number of my stuff came from the kid's department but oh who cares, it fits on me and it's half the price. Which means I get to buy twice as much as my brother *grins*


Today's OOTD!
Love how it's so soft and just plain perfect for fall! I could style it up with collar cuffs for a bit more oomph or just a cardi/scarf to dress it down!
Here's my plain version today.. with a topknot :P will be wearing it in the UK (soon) with layers underneath.
Love it? Check it out on :)