Thursday, June 27

Rise & fall

Has anyone of you ever experienced those rare moments of happiness only to be crushed completely afterwards? I have. Countlessly, throughout the start of summer till date. It breaks me a little more each time this happens. I'm tired, exhausted from feeling like this but I have to be strong don't I? Everyone learns from experience and mistakes. There have been so many bumps, so many complications but I will be okay. In the end, everything will be okay. I read that from somewhere today.

One after the other, it just keeps coming. It hurts. I just wish things would work in much simpler ways.

Oh well.. I'm going to Ocean park tomorrow regardless of the weather. Let's hope it'll be a good day. Right now, I'm feeling a tiny bit of bittersweet. Some unresolved complications has finally come to an end. I don't know if I should be happy. If that's what I should be feeling, then I really don't know what's wrong with me for being way more sad than I should. And even with this ending, another one is brewing.

Life.. life sucks. Life sucks and it's full of goodbyes. I hate goodbyes. I hate having people entering my life only to walk away. But, that's life. Everyone walks away. In the end, you're alone. Forever and always, you'll have you. But that's also.. if you don't lose yourself in the midst of everything.

I'm off to bed now. I love you guys. Thank you for sticking with me even when I don't post as much as I used to! xx

Sunday, June 23

My mind's wandering to places

Wow, June is almost ending and this is only my 10th post. I guess I have been busy.. with a lot of stuff. It has been quite some time since I last posted, hasn't it? Sorry readers. I've been trying to put my mind somewhere off for awhile. I haven't been doing much either.. just the same usual things. Night outs and whatnot. Am thoroughly addicted to listening to edm. It just kills off any bad thoughts in my head and makes me feel lighter.

My head is not at the right place right now. I know what's causing it.. but there are just certain times where you just want to let your feelings take over and not fight it. It's less tiring that way. So here I am today.. sulking. Being upset all over again. The one thing I swore I would no longer let myself do :(

Tuesday, June 18

Beach + OOTD

Sorry I've been MIA again! Well, updates; I went to the beach yesterday with Fristi. And even though HK weather is bipolar like crazy, we managed to have a really chill/fun day. First ate in Tsui Wah in Central when it was super sunny and then we took the bus to Stanley.. BAM it's raining like crazy! Had to chill in one of the random food stores for an hour or so while the weather kept being indecisive.
And theeeeeen it finally stopped and we went to Stanley Main Beach :)
Some group made this really awesome racing sand car! You can even stand in it! Well.. Fristi tried and almost destroyed it BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Then we took the bus back to Causeway to eat some very delicious chicken rice. Also, macaroons to end the day. Capuccino for me, green tea for Fristi from Paul Lafayet.
Anyways, today's update; spent most of the time in Hung Hom with my grandma today. It reminded me a lot of my younger days here in HK.. I miss being a child.
OH AND HERE'S TODAY'S OOTD. (making up for being MIA) Pardon such random outfit for today, I just woke up and wore whatever popped into my head.
Checkered top from Stardivarius
Tank top from Mango
Shorts from H&M
Bag from Zara
Also, noticed my shorter hair? I cut off 4 inches, got a lil highlights and redid my half head dye :D

Saturday, June 15

Krewella, Adventure Club and Sander van Doorn!

So last Thursday (two nights ago) was probably the best night of my life to date cause I got to see Krewella, Adventure Club AND Sander van Doorn!! Being a big fan of the edm scene, this is actually my first time attending something like this so YEAHHHHH! *fist pump* The feeling of unity for the same appreciation of music is just too awesome. The crowd, the atmosphere.. I'm way more into it than before. I've also met a few amazing people there so that's a plus :) For those of you who's wondering who the hell they are, check out their music in YouTube!
I also took a lot of videos from that night but it's just taking way too long for me to upload it here.. so, sorry dear readers! No rad music for youuuuu.. Ahh, so much good memories from that night ;)
Also, Avicii was performing in Star Hall last night but I didn't go :( I had friends who went and told me that it was plain amazing! Here's a picture of the stage.. Oh and Kaskade is performing in Macau tonight! :( whyyyyyyyyy, just whyyyyyyyyyy!

Saturday, June 8

Remembering Jun 7th

Had one of the most eventful day yesterday. It was my first time making a call to the police as I just witnessed an accident, the day where someone made a police report against me and my friends thinking we're some sort of thieves (wtf) and overall, a crazy night. Oh summer.. you're just full of surprises and mysteries.

And right now, I just really want to sleep. I can't stay awake  anymore :/

Wednesday, June 5


It's safe to say that if you've hung out with me more than twice, you would know that I'm big on the EDM/Rave scene. And this summer, there's just so many gigs available! So I've attended a few but there's more coming up! Fashion Night Out @ Magnum tonight - 5th, the original glow paint party @ Play on the 6th, Top 10 DJ series @ HKCEC on the 7th, R3hab @ Dragon-i on the 8th, Krewella + Adventure Club @ Play on the 13th, Sander van Doorn @ Levels also on the 13th, Avicii @ StarHall on the 14th && Kaskade @ Splash, Hard Rock Macau on the 15th! AND THESE ARE JUST THE ONES THAT'S SHOWING ON MY EVENT CALENDAR. ZOMG!
And now, time to recap on who/what I've missed. Future Music Fest in Malaysia that included big names like Armin van Buuren, Rita Oro and The Temper Trap. Then there's Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour in Malaysia and Steve Aoki also, in Malaysia. Skrillex in Hong Kong, David Guetta in Hong Kong and hmm, what else.. *sigh* the point is, I wanna go to the ones that's coming up! :( someone accompany meeeeeeeeee. Hey readers, WHO'S IN HONG KONG FOR THE SUMMER?

Tuesday, June 4

NOTD: Laka

Did my nails to a pastel color that's just too lovely.. In warm light, it appears to be light lavender.
And then in natural lighting, it appears to be a pale baby blue. It even seems to be plain white at a glance :)
All rings are from Accessorize. Love stacking them up this way! I used to be into dark nail polish when Astha was here with me :( but now.. since she's all the way in Aussie.. I'm back to light hues.
A picture of my piercings from yesterday :) studs are from H&M and the bedazzled tiger is from Accessorize! Also, for those of you wondering, I (only) have a total of 4 piercings so far but I own heaps of earrings. Oh, we went to H&M with yesterday and bought a lot of clothes.

Saturday, June 1

Sunny first of June

Made up my mind. I'm gonna quit dwelling on sadness. I will appreciate life, I want to be happy. I just want to be happy. Whatever it takes.

Oh I love summer.

Since it was so sunny when I woke up, I went biking outdoors. I also got to tan :) then I went to gym to bike indoors. Happy to say I pushed myself to the max again. Oh and I did squats. Lots of squats.

Level 9; 35.80km