Thursday, April 25

Long hair ideas

So I might not be cutting my hair because I really do like the length. But I honestly want to either have blonde or red hair :3 Anyways, sharing hair ideas because I need inspirations!
(adore this shade of red hair so much!)


Hello readers! I sat down yesterday and did some massive photoshopping/designing for my current blog template :) but I have to admit, the photoshopping part isn't the hardest.. it's understanding and applying the html coding! Somehow, I managed to make it work. Oh all the programming lessons from Mr. Leung came pouring back (it's a good thing) and I felt kinda smart :D

So next up on my little to-do list might be tailoring/DIY-ing some of my clothes. Because one, they are kinda big on me now but I would still want to wear them and two, I own way too much plain black items so why not add some fun. It's time to put my sewing skills to use once again! But first things first, I'm currently not feeling so well so resting is my priority.

Shoutout to my love, Mariessa because it's her birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAYANG 

Tuesday, April 23

Style galore

Monday, April 22

Oh hi

Have been meaning to do something with my hair but I can't really get any ideas except lightening my color and cutting a few inches shorter.. suggestions anyone? *yawn* Had a busy weekend so I'm having a lazy-Monday right now. Just casually browsing through clothes online, watching E!, chilling in the backyard and eating ice cream.


Friday, April 19

Back on

Oh it feels so weird to not blog for more than a week. It has been terribly busy and tiring but I've managed! And now I'm back :) this week alone, I've learned and explored so much about digital art. Good news is, I sent it in yesterday! All 11 works that I've done :) for now, I can just hope for the best. Please, please, please let me get accepted!

Okay, there really isn't much for me to talk about because I've just been doing the same thing repetitively for a week. Photoshop, take pictures, photoshop. Oh but I will be featuring some of my work that I did! Not the ones that I've sent in though. Aaaaaaaand I am currently sick. Sore throat and slight fever. Must be the lack of rest and food intake. Anyways, I honestly enjoyed being in the super stressful creative zone for a week. It got my brain working on every nerve brainstorming for creative ideas.

Note: I lost a few more pounds this week!

Here's one of my photos that I did for fun :)
Stay tuned!

Friday, April 12


Hey readers, I am stepping away from blogging for 10 days. I need to brainstorm and complete 10 new artworks in less than 10 days. Wish me luck! My future depends on this.


Thursday, April 11

The body post

I have been getting comments from a number of people telling me I'm getting tinier. I weigh roughly 85lbs/38.5kg and I know it does sound like I'm too freaking light but I feel healthy/fine. And in case you haven't realized from my blog domain, I am 4ft9inches/145cm tall. That's an inch taller than Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (from Jershey Shore) or the same height. Oh that's also Audrey's height (Malaysian blogger, Before you start saying I'm unhealthy.. I work out, I try my best to eat clean and I run my butt off. I have stopped starving myself. I eat in small portions now :)

Mmm so yeah.. here are some really pretty/inspiring pictures found on tumblr.

Wednesday, April 10


I have been doing nothing and I haven't left Vineyard in 5-6 days. Meaning, I've stayed home for the past five days doing nothing but watching Jenna Marbles vids and random tv shows, eating and exercising. But I went to the gym (I honestly have forgotten when) and biked on level 8. Have also been doing squats, some pilates and some random mixtures of stuff. Just casually trying new stuff because I have nothing else to do. Oh and I have a new record of not checking my whatsapp for two days! Ha! I'm turning into some anti-social freak. 
New total: 176.37km
Just some random photos I've IGed in my very boring 5-6 days of life. Oh I blame the weather for my behavior, really. I want sunny days :(

Friday, April 5

Here's to tomorrow

Had my brunch at W (again!) today and then went over to Ritz Carlton. It was super cloudy today and so there was no panoramic shots. We were at 109th floor. And then I was bored so I took a #hairoftheday picture. I have a pretty big collection of hairbands, ribbons and clips but I don't wear it as often as I'd like to. Oh I even have feather clip ins (Astha has it too)! They're cool but it's hard to match it to my outfits..
My hair reaches my lower back now. I think I would have to cut it a few inches shorter soon, but that means chopping off my ombre! Oh well.. there's an excuse to redo them in another color this time. And if you're wondering why there's this random stray of color from the's because I gathered a little from both of the sides (didn't do a half updo), tied it and then added my lovely bow. The color came from my lower half where I've dyed it a few months back. See picture below for a better visual explanation.

The bow and my outfit today made me feel like a cheerleader again :) I really missed it.
This is where the random stray of color from the middle came from. I must have gathered some of it form the lower half and then tied it. Okay, here's a look back into when I just had ombre hair.. (excuse my excessive black wardrobe)
These two pictures were taken last August.

I just watched DeadMau5 on the iTunes music festival in the living room with the big ass flatscreen and Bose speakers. I am happy and content for the moment :) Onto more DeadMau5 music before I sleep..

I shall not think about unhappy things, I shall not.

PS: Have I complained about the weather today? IT IS SO FREAKING HUMID THAT ALL THE MARBLE FLOORS ARE STICKY! (thank god that all the bedrooms have wooden floorings) ALL THE MIRRORS AND GLASS GETS FOGGY! DON'T EVEN START WITH ME ABOUT THE BATHROOM. I ALMOST DIED CAUSE I SLIPPED AND NEARLY HIT MY HEAD ON THE SINK :/ am just thankful that for once my reflexes were fast enough that I could hold onto something. I do not want any stitches thank you. Please please please be less humid tomorrow. Okay maybe the only good thing about this is that my hair is so freaking straight and awesome today but *thinks* yeah, I would like it if it were less humid and please, can you stop raining? Everything is always wet now.. I don't really like that.

Thursday, April 4

A good day

So I woke up today and found out that my TOEFL additional score report is here! So I went straight to submitting my online app and got everything ready to be mailed tomorrow :) Oh I didn't sleep well last night because my cartilage was hurting so much. Why you may ask? Cause I changed the earring and kinda tugged on it too hard.. but look at it now! It's just so pretty :D *vain*
Went to Elements early in the evenings and mommy bought me a new bag from Zara! Love love love it :) the color is just off the palette! It's a cross between mint, grey and white. Plus it's heavily studded on the side. Sneak peak below because I don't like people knowing everything I own *lol* aaaaand that's my mini sequined FCUK crossbody bag. Also in the background is le white Gucci bag..
Oh Mommy made an incredible dinner last night! Roasted chicken with green beans, potatoes and seafood spaghetti! Umm the both of us kinda devoured everything :o Did I mention that I have been eating like crazy these few days? Oh and working out on my abs so much that it hurts so bad but I know it's good pain so.. yay? Mmm some of my friends whom I haven't seen in a few years are finding it hard to believe that I'm skinny now (in response to some of my Instagram pics). Well I know in the past before puberty came in, I was kind of chubby but hey, believe me. It's not photoshopped! None of my pics are ever photoshopped! Filtered yes, but no photoshopping done. Anyways, here's the yummy dinner from last night..
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Love you all for visiting my blog :)

Wednesday, April 3

Color blocking!

(l-r) Seche Clear base coat, OPI's Top Coat, China Glaze's Electric Beat, OPI's Don't Touch My Tutu and Funky Dunkey
Recreated's lovely spring color block tape manicure by following her tutorial :)
And now.. some color blocked items.

Monday, April 1


Currently in a super lazy mode..
wishing all the rain would go away.
I am sick of the gloomy weather!

This is a picture post because I am too lazy yet I still want to blog :)
Let's all hope that April will be good for everyone!