Sunday, March 31

(8) Crave you

The weather has been killing my buzz. It has been raining and raining and raining and raining.. ugh! What happened to spring?! I want to wear shorts, skirts and tanks. So please, sunny days.. come back soon. Hmm I went out with mommy on Friday night. We went everywhere! And then I bought some clothes yesterday. Skater skirt and bustier anyone? Anyways, we headed to Sai Kung today to visit on Uncle Paul's new teahouse! Here's what I wore..
Sequined tank from Korea
Skater skirt from H&M
Oversized cardi from Hollister
But since it was raining and getting unseasonably chilly.. I changed to something more warm and comfy.
Blazer from Bershka
White basics from H&M
Skinnies from Voir
Casually vaining.. with my Agatha bracelet. Aesya and Nina sayang have identical ones :D GOD I MISS THEM.
And this is Uncle Paul's new teahouse that's opening on April 21st! It's called 'Olde Hong Kong Teahouse' located in Sai Kung. Come for the opening and you'll catch a sight of the famous food critic Choi Lan and HK celeb Ng Wing Mei :) Uncle Paul is amazing at art and in case you're wondering, he's a director. Oh did I mention that I saw Sean Lau (Lau Ching Wan) with the wife, Amy Kwok (Kwok Oi Ming) in Elements the other day? Oh.. one of the many perks of living in HK :)

Not to mention, the other countless times of being able to meet and actually talk to other great HK celebs because of my aunt's connections. I am blessed with all these opportunities! Oh if only I can follow Uncle Paul and learn from him.. he's a director! And absolutely amazing at anything art related!

Thursday, March 28


Met up with Jen yesterday to have light lunch and then hung out with the guys till night. Watched Olympus has Fallen in Festi and I have to say, Gerald Butler is such a good actor! There's just something about his Scottish looks. Or maybe I'm just infatuated by the idea of Stark from the House of Night series. Anyways, the weather has been crazy. It's back to cold and wet, raining so much that I just feel like wrapping myself with a blanket and not move.
Those lovely pair of pink shoes are from the kids' department in H&M! Yeah, I wore pink socks too. I think they look cute HAHAHA.
Showed support on Marriage Equality yesterday! Love is love no matter the gender or preference :)
Had dinner in the car eating yummy smoked salmon pizza with avocado last night! Also, I'm wearing OPI's Russian Navy this week :) See that ring on my thumb? It's the last of my crystal rings and it broke when I got home. I guess I'm gonna hunt for it in HK but I think I should just give up since I got it from the Kedah, Malaysia. It will either be ridiculously expensive or they don't have the crystals that I want. Oh well..

Monday, March 25

Oh petite people

I have been shopping at the kids' section again! This time I've gotten 3 new pairs of shoes and some shirts :) bought a really nice gold studded red suede oxford-ish flats from Zara (they cut into my ankles tho! My skin peeled off and it bled.. had to buy the Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Heel Shields almost immediately after I started wearing it) then I got a pair of gold flats from Zara too. The last pair is from H&M.. they're a nice pair of Vans lookalike. AND it's in pale pink!
Here's a picture of the red flats. No pictures of the others yet because I haven't worn them. Soon, maybe :) Mmm I've been watching a lot of movies and reading Vampire Diaries in my free time. Aaaaaand that's all I've been doing.

Oh and I've been asked by a few lovely readers who's around my height on where to shop for our awesome, petite size. I would recommend Bershka, the petite section in TopShop and H&M! For shoes though, that's a little more complicated :( any kids' sections for flats. No specific brand for heels though.. hunt around!

Saturday, March 23

I live in the past

Went out yesterday to school to attend the Talent Show and had hotpot afterwards. It was okay I suppose, I think the hotpot part was more fun though. Oh and then we chilled in the park with some alcohol playing random games. Got home considerably early but slept at around 2AM. Had to wake up early today to go to the office for no reason. Went back home early noon and so I headed to the gym. 
Did level 7 on the stationary bike today for an hour. I am super tired :/ but happy I got a good workout. Haven't been to the gym since the first of Feb lol! I got lazy but hey, I didn't gain anything extra. I weight 38kg now. Reminder, I'm short okay. So I'm not ridiculously thin.

February 1st - 37.72
March 24th - 35.21
Total - 146.17km

See, I don' look thin. Oh and then after gym, me and my family went out for dinner/shopping at Elements. I bought clothes from the kids' section. Again. But mm, I am so tired right now. I am going straight to sleep after I post this. So good night guys. Thank you for reading :)

Oh..I hope my additional TOEFL score report gets here soon. *fingers crossed* I want to get my applications over with. I am getting too stressed up. Which is bad :( Astha would know how bad I get when I stress out :(

Tuesday, March 19

(8) Pop culture

I am finally satisfied with my surrealism piece (note: I've fixed it like 4 times?)! I just love how it looks now :) I just got back from meeting up with Joel. He's visiting Hong Kong for a few days and we just decided to chill. Where to? TST! Knutsford! Tasting Room! Okay, I'm having a headache now (god knows why) but am still listening to the songs Roger sent me :) AM OBSESSED WITH THOSE TRACKS! Hmm plans for tomorrow may include some reading, painting and working out? Well.. whichever I feel like doing really.

Am trying desperately not to stress out over my application but as it slowly creeps closer to April 30th.. I am about to explode with all these stress building up in my head. I desperately want to get in. *sigh* I can only try and hope for the best. Mmm for now, enjoy some pictures :)
Pictures by Noell Oszvald

Sunday, March 17


Happy birthday, love.

Saturday, March 16

Old news?

Okay I freaked for a bit when I read from one of the blogs that I follow about GFC closing down.. I even went as far as looking it up on google again and reading various articles about it just to be sure. Plus when I got on to Bloglovin.. this showed up.
 Note the "..mass evacuation from Google Reader to Bloglovin.." but still, I cant be 100% sure that it's right because all the news article were dated from 2011-2012? Just to be safe though, I imported all the blogs that I followed to Bloglovin :) WHY? Because I actually read all the blogs that I follow pfft. For those of you who wants to be safe, here are the steps on how to import your following list from GFC to Bloglovin;

Log in to Bloglovin
Click on 'Help' from the 'Account' tab on the top right
Click 'A General Question'
Click 'How do I import blogs from Bloglines, Google Reader, etc'
Click 'import then to Bloglovin here'
Click 'Google Reader'
Allow access

Yeah, I'm helpful lol.
And hey while you're at it, click here to follow me!

Friday, March 15


A lot of times in life, you'd come across people who genuinely care about you and all you do is push them away.. I know I do that a lot, and sometimes when you see them finally let go, I can't help but to feel sad. But then again I think about how I can hold on for so long.. why can't someone treat me the same way? Hence there's this constance dilemma of being sad and angry at the same time. But there's also this relief that you're no longer holding them back, no longer a hinder to anything that might happen in their life. It's frustrating to feel all of these at the same time.. not to mention that there's nothing you can really do.

There are also some rare times though, that you feel nothing but absolutely joy for them. To see them happy, it makes you smile. Why? Because they have been a dear friend to you, regardless of their extra intentions. And then when that happens, ponder about your friendship. It will crush you knowing that you might lose a friend because all they ever wanted was more and couldn't get anything out of you. So now that they've found what they wanted, what's holding them back to your friendship that was base on nothing and resulted in nothing for them?

Your thoughts go can around all day long, matching happy thoughts to more complicated ones. So how do one person ever deal with this over and over again? I don't know. I don't think there's ever an answer. Because you cope with things differently every time. Maybe pray for a miracle, that in the mess of it, your friendship remains.
Look around you when you go outside today, take a look at the happy people. Do you smile, bathing in their happiness or do you envy them, silently murdering every second of their laughter ? You'll know how you really feel about things and yourself when your head gives you the answer to that question. Oh and guess which is mine.
I still am trying to find peace with things. The constant string of thoughts, worries and whatnot is exhausting. Things haven't changed much on my side, maybe just maturing a little and being upset a lot(?), but *sigh* I still am the same emotional wreck. And I miss talking to you. Thoughts can drive me crazy sometimes but what can I do besides, well.. nothing?

Wednesday, March 13

I like braids

Brown cardi from H&M
Bandeau top from American Eagle
Body-con skirt from H&M

Tuesday, March 12

Fishtail nails

Got really bored today so I recreated one of chalkboardnails's designs! I chose to do the fishtail mani :)
Above is chalkboardnail's (I am so jealous of her perfect nails!!) and below is mine. So I think I did okay on first try..
Freehanded using Seche Crystal Clear Base Coat;
OPI's My Chihuhua Bites;
Sephora's Black;
and finished with OPI's Top Coat

This mani was so easily achieved! I'm impressed at how little effort it took to get a neat but cute looking mani. And well, I haven't been painting for a few days now.. but I did paint my nails. I know, it doesn't count but ugh, I am just not inspired :( I hope, hope, hope I get my artsy side back ASAP so I can start painting again. Also, I have to quit moping around. Hmm maybe my crappy mood is my current blockage..

Wednesday, March 6

(8) Robots

I'm finished with another one of my paintings! I think I'm gonna do an intricate piece next.. Cause my brother's right, I've been playing safe and painting what I know I can do good on. TIME FOR A NEW CHALLENGE! Honestly though, I am over stressing myself maybe a little more than I should but I am absolutely determined to do my best for my portfolio. Also, I am sort of being a loner these days.. not having any human contact with anyone else besides people I live with. HA! Who would've ever thought that I'd be able to stand being like this? Oh well, guess right now I can see what I want most clearly.
Oh let me just casually throw in on the fact that I am in love with my hair. It's all the way to my waist now and it's still super soft/healthy/shiny *mega pride* because I actually bother taking good care of it :) but the part that I really love about my hair is the double color that I have on now! Need I remind you of my awesome dye now? Here's a pic!
And I still have my old highlights and ombre on.. the good thing though, is that they've all faded to sort of match this color which explains why I or the hairstylist didn't bother taking it off beforehand. Throwing another casual update, I can now change the stud on my second earlobe piercing :) It has been a little over a month I guess? It has healed properly and thank god no nasty infections happened. My cartilage is still healing though, it still hurts whenever I touch it. Apparently it takes at least 3-4 months to heal completely before you can change the stud! Patience Annick, patience..
Yep this is a long post with pretty pictures.
How can I resist posting something from furrylittlepeach? Did I mention that she replied me on Instagram TWICE, RT-ed me TWICE and she favorited TWO of my tweets to her? My fangirl mode is activated. She just inspires me so much!
If only I was as talented.. but I'll make do with it and learn more everyday :)