Saturday, March 12

March updates

I'm once again caught up in an endless cycle of essay + dissertation writing. Ugh, just a bit more to go. I'll be free after April. Yes, I'm just trying to convince myself that everything's gonna be okay. I've started to lose appetite, which is bad for me cause my relationship with food isn't that great to begin with so I'm trying really hard to... keep eating. It doesn't help that I'm stressed and super busy with work but ugh.

The weather's been horrible, again. On the plus side, I've had two really relaxing days doing absolutely nothing. My brain needed the break tbh.

Also, I'm currently fangirl-ing so hard on Channing Tatum. I knew he could dance cause I've watched Step Up but good-fucking-lord could he dance in Magic Mike/Magic Mike XXL. Excuse my language but Channing... damn. (And this is where the boyf rolls his eyes at me and laughs haha)

I'm going to Fristi's early birthday dinner tomorrow at Sapporo in Manchester and I really don't know what to wear. The weather is pissing me off y'know? I don't want to walk around with a gigantic coat anymore... Spring, please arrive ASAP. Oh and I made Fristi a card! And I also bought her a gift :)

UNIF Best Fiends necklace for me and the bestie ❤️

Friday, February 19


It surprised me just how confident I felt after I *flawlessly* put my makeup on the other day Valentine's. Me and the boyf went to early dinner at Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn in NQ and we watched - you guessed it - Deadpool. So prior to the movie, Tom said he wasn't expecting much from it but he was amazed at how funny Ryan Reynolds was throughout the entire movie.

All in all, it was a great day.

Oh, I got this top from Zara during New Year's sale.

Sunday, February 14

Aloe there!

I'm trying to be healthier because I have a lot of self-image issues. I'm the type of person that cries over my old skirt that fits too snugged now. I'm the type of person that gets upset because I'm scared of gaining weight. So I'm trying to work out once a week by watching/following Fitness Blender on Youtube and they're so great. I love that my body aches the next day because of it. My emphasis however, is to maintain a healthier diet.

Shoutout to Simplee Aloe for sending me some aloe vera drinks/helping me be a little bit healthier!

I got to taste test two flavours and I have to say that my favorite is the definitely the Apple & Mango. 

Simplee Aloe drinks are now stocked in Asda, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Amazon, Whole Foods and others.
Some info on the drink: Each 330ml bottle - pictured - contains 35% pure aloe vera! They are also 100% natural with no extra preservatives or additives :)

I'm really happy that I got to try these out because I love aloe vera drinks + plants. My grandma used to make them as a soup-y dessert for me whenever I got a little overheated on the inside. Besides, aloe vera is great for the skin. It will work amazingly for a sunburnt (applied on the skin of course) but otherwise when consumed, it keeps your skin looking good - especially when it's still so darn cold outside.

Taste review
Apple & Mango: Silky but just sweet enough. Taste like apple juice but with just a little hint of mango.

Grape & Lemon: Tastes almost like those sourz sweets we all used to eat as a kid but this makes you feel oh-so-fresh. It'll be perfect serving as a wake-up drink. 

Forgive me, cause I couldn't help myself with the pun. It just had me at aloe 
Here, have a gif instead.