Thursday, February 26

The Blogger Programme / Peppersmith

Hey you guys, I'm finally blogging again! I've had a hectic few days completing my two assignments and here I am. It's such a relief to be able to blog for once. Ah, I've got another photojournalism/multi-media project piece due soon though :/

This is a long overdue post from when I received my freebie from The Blogger Programme but least I did it in the end! Officially part of TBP ♥ thank you again, for the canvas bag!
These mints from Peppersmith that came with the canvas bag are super yum too. I mean, I've never been a fan of any type of mints but these.. I approve of them. They don't taste all chemically-weird and shit.
Also.. LOL to the stache and 69!!

Honestly guys, juggling workload + blogging is insane. I never have enough time for anything (if i want any leisure/resting time that is). I've been trying my hands on Depop too so go check me out @annicknickky (duh) and oh my internship/work based learning thing is starting soon in a couple of months *screams internally*. I can't even remember the last time I bought any clothes! What has my life become of man..

Ugh, but I did cleaned out my Instagram though. I deleted about 500+ photos manually cause I wanted to start over. Fresh feed. Fresh everythang. Here's a picture of me from tonight.
Night everyone 

Wednesday, February 18

Sims 4 and more

Who else is excited that Sims 4 is finally out on Mac?! I mean.. I cannot be the only one who went ballistic when the Mac version came out like a day or two ago. Say goodbye to me while I hibernate and pull all nighters just to have endless hours on it.. Also, it's Chinese New Year soon (literally in a few hours GMT+8)! So happy CNY to all my Chinese friends out there.

A little update: I'm day 10 into my 30-day challenge and I must say.. it's definitely getting harder now that the numbers on the charts are going up and up. BUT I am already seeing results. My little abs are getting more defined!

Oh and this month's Birchbox arrived but honestly, I realised that I first have to enjoy the products in order to be able to write anything about it. So.. yeah..

It's been a slow week but my brother is here and I'm just enjoying my one week off of uni. Ugh, I'm midway into my break now :/

Well.. I'll write again soon. Don't forget to follow me on IG @ annicknickky and like my page on fb! You guys are the best x

Tuesday, February 10

Inspos / Giveaway winner

So many thanks for joining my giveaway + liking my fb page!

There's nothing new bout me except that I am embarking on a 30 day butt/core challenge cause I feel like I owe it to myself to exercise a little bit. But yeah, it's officially that time of the year (again) for me where I have no idea how to dress. Caught between wanting to stop bundling up but the weather just isn't permitting. I cannot wait for it to be spring ugh. Here's some inspo for me and you, and you, and you ♥
And here's my giveaway winnnnnah!

A big thank you again to all those who supported my giveaway by entering :) Stay tuned for more personal giveaways that I will be hosting soon x