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High street / Online store

Okay so I shop quite a bit. So right now, I've got a question for everyone: What are the differences between high street and online shopping?

The answer? The way we shop has dramatically changed during the last few years. The reason? The internet. Consumers have more choice than ever before when it comes to finding their favourite products, with online shopping offering a number of advantages over the conventional high street, including door-to-door delivery and a chance to pay for your order in small, affordable instalments. This article compares high street vs online shopping.

When it comes to delivery and choice: 

Online shopping offers a lot more choice than some high street retailers, with catalogue companies like Jacamo and Fashion World offering clothing sizes that you won't find from conventional retailers. Shopping online also provides you with an opportunity to have your order delivered to your address - ideal if you live far away from your nearest retailer, or are unable to carry large items home with you. Many online retailers offer various shipping options, including regular delivery, express delivery, and next-day delivery if you need a particular item in a hurry.

And the thing with.. trying before you buy:

Unlike conventional high street shops, you won't be able to try items before you buy when shopping online, which can sometimes be a problem if you are purchasing clothing. However, many online retailers provide size guides and other useful information that will tell you all you need to know before you place an order. Although online companies have different refund policies, many will allow you to return an item if you are not completely satisfied with it - just like you would at a conventional retailer. Remember to check the terms and conditions on the company's website before you make a purchase.

The difference in promotions and offers:

Many people are aware that the larger retailers in the UK often have sales and discounts throughout the year, particularly after the Christmas period. However, many online retailers also provide customers with discounts and promotions. Using a promotional discount code and applying it your purchase can also save you money.


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  2. I agree, shopping online is much more flexible although its pretty much similar to high street. But the down side is ordering online can be 50/50, depending on a quality or size. So,yes can be a problem. Online shopping + Delivery is for people either lazy to shop in person or don't have the time and have patient.

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    1. I agree with you about the size. it's like playing russian roulette! it either fits like a glove or become way out of size..

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  4. I love your top, by the way, and you look so sweet and beautiful, as usual! I loved your post, too, and it is really like that. I am a huge fan of online shopping and I like it because it's practical, like you said, delivered to your door, and the choices are enormous and we can buy at anytime, not only when shops are open. The down side is, of course, that we can't try the things, but somehow after a certain period of time we get to be savvier and know what will be good and what not :) Hope you have a very nice weekend with fun and maybe some shopping!

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  7. I can't imagine I'll ever be one to shop from a catalogue, however you're completely right about promotional codes and such existing for online shops just as often as in-store! :) Ah, you have me dreaming of sales now... haha

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