Wednesday, October 22

Sleepless nights

There are so many ideas and things running on my mind that I want to achieve. Most of em has to do with the blog of course. And where I want to be at in the future. Everyone knows Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella. As I was reading about her on Buzzfeed last night, I realised that I want to be able to achieve things like she does in her age. With all these thoughts, I kept myself awake till 4am. And then I woke up feeling slightly sick.

(Will be redesigning my blog layout slowly so watch out for that!)

It is a little too cold and a little too wet today. There's so much that I want to do but honestly, I lack motivation right now. Also, I'm in need of a new pair of boots and parka because my old ones are ruined..

And lately, I'm obsessing over silver hair! I'm seriously considering getting my ends silver. I wish I could get my whole head done but my mom will probably kill me haha.
It's so gorgeous, ugh.

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  1. Silver hair looks so cool! I don't think I'd ever be able to pull it off but I love seeing it on others.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Silver hair looks cool on pictures, but I wouldn't have the courage for that :p

  3. Amazing!!!! Love it!

  4. I posted some silver curly hair on my blog a week go and I agree with you: silver hair are mzing! x

    New on Head Enough

  5. Wow. I love your new blog layout.

    xoxo, ♥

  6. Great post and blog :) I like Zoella as you do :) you're pretty :)

  7. omg!! i want that hair!! its amazing!! perfect photos!! great post girl! kisses!:)

  8. Your blog has a nice layout. xx

  9. Silver hair is beautiful - I'm considering purple, myself!

    Zoe sure has achieved a lot, and I love her cheerful and chirpy videos...but as I'm sure you know, everyone is on their own journey. I'm sure you will be very successful in the end! I have the same worries as you too....I don't have that many followers or anything, but I love blogging and finding wonderful blogs. I get the whole ambition thing, I've written a '101 in 1001' and a list of monthly goals to try to be more confident and achieve some things :)

    Haha, just realised I must have written a whole essay :0 Feel free to check my blog out, follow back and get in touch if you want to do so. xx


    1. silver/lilac is my fav right now. thank you really :) and i think writing a monthly goal is such a good way to know you're achieving things and find happiness in that. i appreciate the long comment really <3 thank you so much! x


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