Thursday, July 31

Looks so far / OOTDs

Figured I'd blog about all my OOTDs in one go cause I haven't had the time to do the them before. So here I am with a few of my OOTDs from since I got back. Yes, it's been bout a month since I posted any looks.. apologies to you lovelies but I just haven't had the time. I've been shopping though, so I have a few of my shopping hauls to show too :)
Linen romper from Stradivarius 
Wore this OOTD pretty early on during the summer. Actually found this little outfit with the tags still intact from before I went to the UK (oops). Loved him comfy romper but rompers will be rompers.. it's super annoying when nature calls.
Shirt from Hollister
Shorts from American Apparel
This is the I-can't-be-bothered-but-I-still-wanna-look-okay look. Or one of those days when I'm feeling fat..
Top from H&M
Jeans from Levi's
Spiked bag from Zara
Don't even remember when I wore this.. I think it was when it rained really badly and got a little bit colder than usual, hence the jeans.
 Floral shorts from Forever21
Jelly shoes from GAP
Baby blue nail polish from Ciate
These jelly shoes were a steal! The story is, I really wanted some and was planning to get it from Melissa Shoes that cost about HKD600? But as I walked around Harbour City with Astha, I wandered into GAP (kids section of course) and found this amazing pair for about HKD69? HAHA I had the last laughed as Astha grumbled about for a bit. 
Top from UNIQLO
Shorts from American Apparel
Spiked bag from Zara
Wore this combo about a few days ago.. It was another one of those I-feel-fat days (yeah I get em a lot).

And here's my all-time favorite eyeliner! Dolly Wink has the best ones for real. I've tried every other brand there is - including expensive and not-so expensive ones - Dolly Wink is the beeeeeeeest (so far).
I'm sure I'm gonna buy a few more before I get back to UK just in case I run out or something..
And this was from yesterday..
Wedges from NastyGal
Jeans from a random store in Quarry Bay
Also went on a shopping spree yesterday (courtesy of the boyf). Bought two jumbo lip crayons and two new nail polishes all from 3 Concept Eyes. Oh I just love their minimalist packaging.. all their makeup has such high pigments too! Need to get more! I'm seriously obsessing over dark lippies.. but they all seem wayyyyyy too dark for my skin tone. 

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Tuesday, July 22

Summery summer

Head spinning', summer lovin'

So the boyfriend got here last Saturday and everything's been well so far (except for his horrible jet lag that he thought he escaped). We've only been eating and hasn't done anything else. Went out and managed to get a new heated eyelash curler, EOS lip balm, mineral concealer and Dolly Wink eyeliner yesterday (courtesy of the boyf), but I've been meaning to go get some clothes since forever but :(

So as usual, I've resulted to online shopping.. okay fine, browsing at the very least and I stumbled across some really nice items I like and thought I'd share to you lovelies!
Loving all these cute-summery preppy dresses found in Zalora's Bread n Butter Hong Kong page. There's more cute items but these are definitely on the top of my wish list for now. Oh and I don't know why.. but I really want this coat (pictured below) for when I get back to the British weather.
All these pictures are taken from / on their Bread n Butter page. Ahh the itch for shopping is getting terribly annoying! And the fact that signing up for Zalora's newsletter gets me HKD$100 off is just..killing me.

Mm.. and I'm off to check on the boyf - and his jetlag- x

Wednesday, July 16

Splurge vs. Save

Hey lovelies, I haven't been posting about my shopping haul/inspirations lately and thought I'd do it now. I mean I haven't been buying much since summer started cause I can't be spending/splurging on summery items when I truly need winter clothes (though I dread winter wear I have to accept that British weather means sweater weather *sad face*).

But of course, that doesn't stop me from shopping really.. especially when an amazing deal strikes, it's hard to say no, no? Everyone loves a good buy!

As part of the Splurge vs. Save Campaign I'd like to show you guys a pricey inspiration that I would've splurge on versus an equally amazing, alternate find that we could all save on. Hope you lovelies find this useful! Yay to saving your pockets, right?

I'd typically Splurge on this..
Pictured above is sold by/taken from Zara (click here to be redirected).
Original price - US$49.90 / £25.99
With their current sale -  US$19.99 / £12.99

Here's my find to Save on..
Pictured above is sold by/taken from Choies (click here to be redirected)
Original price - US$25.99 / £15.07
With their ongoing sale - US$15.99 / £9.27 

All anyone needs to save a little bit more is just to keep looking for alternatives. I mean, it could be a tiny bit hard cause it's time consuming but its worth it. The extra bit of money we save is a little more money we would have than if we splurged.

This campaign is just to remind all of us to spend wisely :)
Special thanks to Credit Card Insider for allowing me to be part of the Splurge vs. Save Campaign!

Spend wisely you lovelies x

Sunday, July 13

Summer happiness

It's been awhile since I blogged but like I've said, I went out to make memories instead. To be honest, I haven't even turn on the my mac in ages.. just because I've been busy living up my summer. I don't know when/where to start telling you guys my adventures so far but I'll go along as I follow the pictures below.

This might be a lengthy post :P

Stumbled across these little gems near Central/SoHo while trying to hike/walk up to Victoria's Peak. Yes, we didn't make it. We spent the longest hour trying to find the trail that when we finally found it.. me, Michelle and Riya were way too tired to hike up. Also, it was getting pretty late (as in the sun was setting and we really shouldn't be hiking). So we went to grab mexican food at Taco Loco in Midlevels. Oh and the mosquitoes definitely got us all good. We all escaped with plenty of reminder that we forgot to use mosquito repellant. 
Pressed Juices is found near/around Central and is incredibly yummy! This was the same day as the day we attempted to walk up to Victoria's Peak.

Took a really picture when I slept over at Michelle's..
That's the view from her bedroom. Hong Kong is incredibly beautiful and I almost didn't fall asleep cause I was too captivated by this. Falling asleep to this was the best, it made me miss living in condos in HK. I personally would love to live in high rise buildings instead of houses and I think HK is the perfect place for condos/apartments because of all its glorious views.


Hiking/Cliff diving day!

Went to Tai Long Sai Wan in Sai Kung last Saturday and it's been the best day of summer so far. Honestly couldn't believe Hong Kong had treasures (places) like these. I've been loving HK more and more lately.. It was a sunny day and I had the best of friends with me. Couldn't be happier really :)

Did I mention that this is fresh water?! We had to do some rock climbing and all (yes there were injuries) but it was well worth it. Spent such a long time there cause it was far too lovely to leave. Plus, I wore my Triangl swimwear 
 The beach here was incredible (but we didn't spend any time on the beach, just at the cliffs)! Also, we left the place on a speedboat cause we were way too tired to hike back out.
 Given the chance, I would love to visit this place again.. picture below taken during the speedboat ride back :)
Oh I've got sunburn.. only on my chest. Cause I totally forgot to apply sunscreen at that area *facepalm* here's a picture..
See the tan line? But nvm, cause I kinda like it :P

Fast forward a few days.. slept over at Michelle's again last Friday. And of course, it was only right for us to go out for a few drinks at night. And getting dolled up calls for selfies. Oh, I also went to Disney with the fam during the day. It was such a tiring day for me but worth it in the end.

See my tan lines? HAHA.

Alright, that's it for now. Apologies for not updating any outfit posts lately but I honestly am enjoying myself a little too much. I've got OOTD posts/pictures piled up but I just don't know when to post it. Oh well, it'll be soon I guess. Stay tune lovelies x

Tuesday, July 1

July, first

Hey everyone! Sorry about the MIA but I've been busy helping out my aunt at the exhibition for the past few days (was on my feet for more than 10 days each day!).. and also when I'm free, I'm busy hanging with Michelle/Riya/Astha/Marvin :P

Here's picture updates from and not from my Instagram..

Heehee.. received a package from the boyf that he sent before he left for his trip to Europe and I love it ♥!

Oh and some happy news from today.. was shopping around Hollister with Michelle earlier this evening in Hysan Place, Causeway Bay and we got approached by the manager to go for a casting next Tuesday! It's just a massive confidence boost more than anything so right now I'm pretty happy. I mean, I've been feeling like shit about myself for a couple of weeks now so it's nice for a change to feel that way.

This weeks plans include hiking, cliff diving, sleepover and more shopping so yay! The boyf will also be arriving in less than 20 days so I'm getting really excited about that as well :D

I will write again soon when I can but I'm off to make moments/memories x