Monday, February 11


Wow, will you just look at how little I'm blogging these days! It's the third post of the month and we're almost halfway through with February. Ugh, the lack of inspiration and things to write about is kinda killing me. Okay, so yesterday was the first of the lunar calendar! And because I celebrated it in Malaysia, it's a big fuss. Fireworks started around 11:30PM the night before and lasted to over 2 hours (lack of sleep, ugh).
Have been running a lot of errands in preparation for the fifth of the lunar calendar because it's Valentine's which also means, it's my grandma's birthday. It's her 70th this year! My family is throwing a huuuuuuuge house party. I am super tired from all of it tbh.. I wish for some quietness.

Hmm, I went around visiting houses today. God, I'm tired. Went out in the morning, visited house #1, ate light lunch at O'Brien's, got back home to change/shower, went off to visit house #2, had light dinner and lastly I got back home :/ Yesterday was fun tho, the amount of people who came to visit just makes everything extra festive. I had all my great-aunts/uncles, their offsprings and their offsprings plus some distance relatives at home. And then we went out after dinner to visit this other house where everyone else who came earlier was at.

Yep, it's a huge network of family.

Right now, I'm not exactly feeling right so I hope it goes away..


  1. It looks like it was tiring day for you, but at the end of day you had blast! I hope you had fun for CNY!

    xoxo Akinyi


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