Tuesday, December 11

Short story long

I almost dozed off in the bus just now cause I was just too tired. Why? Because I only had 3 hours of sleep last night due to abrupt stomachache in the middle of the night! I slept at 1ish last night and I woke up at 3ish, dashed my way to the bathroom. God, I hate stomach bugs. They hurt so bad! I couldn't go back to sleep afterwards so I ended up matting my OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window (love the fancy names) nails. Watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars and then was finally able to fall asleep at 7ish before waking up at 8 for breakfast.

And get this, apparently.. both Tiffy and Astha had the same thing! I texted them right after I woke up and they told me they woke up at around the same time and endured the same painful process of stomach flu! Ugh so that means that there's something wrong with the food we ate at SML (cause we shared everything) or there was something wrong with the cocktail that I ordered (it tasted weird to me so I asked them to tried it). But anyways, we proceeded with out initial plans of going back to the school for a visit. Had a nice time talking to all the teachers and hugging people!

We then went to OC cause we were starving for Pepper Lunch. The one in festi is just too damn slow and we really didn't want to wait. But ugh, we hopped on a taxi cause we got lazy/it's supposed to be faster BUT HELL NO. The damn taxi driver took us all over Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei before getting to OC. WTF, I know the way you idiot. Just because we were talking in English, doesn't mean we're foreigners!! I kept swearing at him. I swore so much because he made the meter jumped to twice it's price before finally going to OC. Damn taxi driver. Plus we were starving so yeah, imagine 3 girls practically wanting to snap his head off in the backseat of a taxi.

I ended up finishing AND eating part of Tiff's meal. I felt so bloated and bad afterwards. I was on the verge of puking. Why oh why do I always do this to myself? Plus am just feeling so guilty :( what with the cold making me super lazy to hit the gym. GAH! Surprisingly, Tiff shopped while me and Astha just trailed along feeling super duper tired and sleepy. We were like zombies..just followed mindlessly to wherever Tiff went. Yes, she felt like puking as well so hence the same reaction. We were in Bershka, BERSHKA FOR GOD'S SAKE, and I sat down with Astha and we did something stupid. Look:
So I wore one of her Aldo flats and she wore one of my super warm/super comfy boots. Talk about being mismatched! I had socks on! She looked a little less retarded than I did. All this happened in the Bershka store while Tiffy was happily trying on a lot of party dresses. Then we went to Timbaland cause Tiff wanted to look at the boots and me and Astha did this:
She was about to doze off! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was staring out into space. We left and headed home then cause me and Astha was just too zombielike to do anything else. Poor Tiff :/ hmm because I was feeling super guilty I wanted to go to the gym when I got home but mommy wouldn't let cause it's too cold and too dark outside. And plus she has been wanting me to gain a little weight. She says I'm all bones now. WHICH I AM NOT BTW. Ugh just freaked myself out cause You Make Me Feel just played on my iTunes and I thought my phone is ringing so I raced to get it but.. false alarm as usual.

You guys have no idea just how many times my friends have trolled me when it comes to my ringtone. They always play the song and I have never failed to think that it's really my phone ringing and I pick it up every damn time. I get laughed at every time that happens. Am I too gullible? Or just too silly. HAHAHAHAHA well I refuse to change my ringtone just because I get trolled. I like it :D

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