Saturday, December 15

Officially 18!

 So my aunt bought me Haagen Dazs ice cream cake which I had in the morning! Me, Richie and Tiffy biked all the way to Tai Mei Tuk for barbecue! It was tiring but we had fun and sorta got lost but anyways.. it was fun. We then had a 6 hour long barbecue session :D but wait, here's a picture of some lovely edible arrangement gift I received in the morning;
See how much lighter my ends have turned out to be! Love love love it :D oh and I lost my earring here  :/ couldn't find it cause it's the same color as the pavement! Poor earring..
Richie, me and Tiffy :D yes we were all wearing tanks cause it was just too hot after the biking :/
Sparklers!! But I was afraid of them :/
Thank you all for the wishes again!


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    1. aww thank you :) my friends were sweeeeeet

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, lovely post I really enjoyed reading it! Happy Belated Birthday! OX


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