Monday, December 10

Midgets' day

Me, Tiffy and Astha went to SML for lunch today in Causeway! We had lasagna, carbonara, meatballs and risotto! It was all size S though and we all had cocktails. Bought 2 tops from Forever21 and a lot of nail polish when we got to Central. Plus me and Tiff bought stickers for our macs! Here's mine:
Isn't it just super cute? Yes I'm sort of a Hello Kitty freak. I stuck it on my translucent case :D here's Tiffy's! She's just so badass and gangsta! Look at that Doraemon smoking a cig HAHAHAHAHAHA EPIC! Plus Tiffy and Astha are just addicted to Vans ugh.


  1. Hi dear, thanks for following me, I wanna follow you back but can't find the widget, can you let me know where so I can follow you ? Thanks, kisses

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    1. i've reverted my template :) so you can click follow on the normal widget now. it's on the right side if it's the dynamic view template that i've had on before. you just need to drag your cursor to the right and it'll appear. thank you so much though :D


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