Thursday, December 20

Back in +6

Super duper tired because I haven't been resting enough and I just had to wake up so early this morning :S I'm blogging this from the bed (have been on the bed since 8ish! It's now 10PM). The weather change have been frustrating. But lucky enough it wasn't cold in Hong Kong today either so a tank top, skinnies and cardigan solved the problem for the winter - summer change in just a matter of hours. Malaysia's weather was super humid today! It was raining like crazy when we landed. Oh I just yawned. God I really need sleep :( badly. Oh and since I was super sleepy/tired when I woke up, I just tied a messy bun and had absolutely no makeup on. I would usually at least have mascara on but just not today. NO. NOT TODAY. Ahh here, look at the contrast between my ends and my roots;
Did I mention I feel fat? :(
I think I did gain weight fml. Half a kg maybe? UGH!


  1. LOvely post !
    How about following each other love ?
    Hope to see you there !

  2. omg you are so skinny! you definitely did not gain weight dear

    1. aww thank you! that meant a lot cause i always have body issues with myself :/

  3. Oh no no no no you're not fat at all! You're perfect :) xx

  4. wow! your hairs are amazing!!!!

    - A.


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