Wednesday, December 12


Got to sleep for 12 hours today (*edit; which meant I spent 12/12/12 12:12 in my sleep LOL) :D so that means I skipped breakfast and had light brunch. Then I went to the gym andddddd I pushed myself to the max cause I haven't been exercising for so long. Guilty lol. Jogged outdoors and biked on level 5 for 13.22km! My feet was wobbly when I took the stairs down. Plus I had to bike home cause I biked my way to the gym. It felt so fast cause there was no extra weights or resistance HAHAHAHAHA.

 Okay, okay.. Total distance to date:

September 9th - 12.50km
September 10th - 11.33km
September 21st - 10.86km
October 13th - 11.41km
November 19th - 13.92km
December 12th - 13.22km

Total - 60.02km 73.24km!!
Extremely proud of myself so far :D oh and then I had this afterwards..

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