Friday, November 2

What else is there?

Back then, my friends would always have my back. Right now, I am all I have left. You never truly discover how lonely and alone you are until you see millions of pics of your friends having such a good time. Then there you go, you suddenly feel like you're in your own little bubble with no one to turn to. It's like having invisibility as a superpower in a very bad way. I miss having people to talk to. I don't know if things have changed or it's always been this way and I've just realized the real thing. It seems that no one would really talk to me unless they needed someone to unload their crap on. No one would just come up to me and ask if I'm doing okay anymore. Has anyone ever, really? As far as I've remembered I've always been the one going around making sure everyone is doing okay. Listening and comforting. People whom I've called my friends.. it's funny how they don't seem like it anymore. We're all strangers now. You guys just don't care.. not anymore, don't you? I understand that people drift apart, I do. Well if that's the case, then stop talking to me just to tell me what kind of problems you're facing or whine about the bad times you're going through to me. Again I say, I'm not your voice mail. I don't appreciate being treated like one. It is not my job to listen to whatever you feel like saying. Friends aren't supposed to treat friends this way.

I'm doing away with standing on my own feet firmly planted on the ground. I'll not look back. Goodbye, 'friends'.


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