Saturday, November 17


Leaving back to HK tomorrow, flight's at 1:45PM. I've packed up all my stuff :) I have to use some of my little cousins's luggage space because I bought one too many books/sketch pads! Hmm let's review what I've bought during my trip back in Malaysia this time.. Astha's sandals and a surprise mystery present for her :D some accessories, candies, nail polishes and makeup and 2 pairs of pants. OH AND MY LOVELY HEELS! Distributed my stuff into 3 luggages LOL cause my Litas took up so much space in my own luggage (I have a small luggage okay). Hmm gotta wake up a little earlier than usual tomorrow just to double check on stuff. Ahh I miss the twins so much. Can't wait to hug and carry them around!

I guess I'll be back in Malaysia around January :) see you Malaysia..

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