Wednesday, November 7

I feel fat today

Went over to KLCC today and bought a novel from Kinokuniya. Oh and I bought accessories from I forgot what store. I think I ate too much today so I'm feeling extremely fat :/ I want to binge. Feeling fat is just so awful. Hm I guess I wont eat tomorrow. I don't wanna keep feeling fat. Ugh Malaysian food, why you so delicious and fattening?

I'm returning to HK on the 18th so that means 11 more days to go. Mama's birthday is tomorrow.. well, technically in 1 hour and 10 mins. This is like the first year ever that neither me or my bro is with my mom for her birthday. I wanted to be back before this but she said it's fine.. so that's that.

*yawn* I'm getting sleepy but it's only 10 something. I swear I sleep too much these days. The funny thing is though, I get puffy eyes when I wake up. Hm maybe it's because I sleep too much? Does that happen? Oh well.. sleep does my skin good. Now all I need is for the past stubborn blemishes to disappear :)

..and my blood sugar was low today. I spent a good half day being dizzy and nauseous. Thank god for hot cocoa.

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