Wednesday, November 7

Choices & decisions

Looked into La Salle's programs again today. I'll definitely apply to BA programs. I want to choose between Fashion Design & Textiles and Fashion Media & Industries. Well I was looking into Design Communication but my aunt gave me some advice (she's a Graphic Designer) so I'd like to choose fashion instead. Both programs' duration are 3 years (yay) but consists of total different specialisms.

Fashion Design & Textiles:
"This programme focuses on the design and construction of the fashion garment addressing physical, aesthetic and social needs within contemporary fashion, covering traditional to contemporary approaches in developing ideas from paper to object, theory to practice, and fabric to garment."

Fashion Media & Industries:
"This programme focuses on the business side of the fashion industry and the areas of media and communication relevant to the consumption of the fashion image. The fashion industry has evolved over time, going global and entering new areas of commerce and technological advancements. This programme is designed to respond to those changing needs."

I think I'm more of a media & industries person LOL. Cause I gasped when I looked at design & textile's entry requirements for the portfolio!

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