Tuesday, November 13

Change of hearts?

I've been feeling off about so much stuff lately. It's bizarre I haven't been thoroughly down. Applauses for my strength this time. Some things aren't meant to be despite how much force or effort that you put into. Some things just happen because it's supposed to happen. I've recently come to remember a few things about myself. And I was so surprised that I have forgotten. I've never been easy. How did I forget? The chase. That's always been the part I've liked the most. Everything else afterwards just becomes a blur and bore. There are exceptions but with exceptions, comes heartache. I'm never gonna go easy. Not on anybody. I've just forgotten, diverted with issues I've been trying to resolve. I've remembered what bores me. It's this. This bores me to the core. It's just how I am. I'm sorry if you don't like it. I guess you never thoroughly knew me. Perhaps, people's talks are true. But oh yes, I have faults too but so do you. I'm not easy to deal with, and I'm never apologizing for how I am. I see the problem, and I see the end. Perhaps the question is when. Or how. Hm and I have always had a change of hearts whenever I like. Well maybe all this is just me obnoxiously rambling. Think what you like of me.. think. In your head, you've probably judged me. Judge away, you judgmental fools. I don't care cause I'm used to being judged. What I love though, is proving each of you wrong and witnessing your faces when your foolish bubble bursts.

Ahh the game. Who doesn't love the game? You shouldn't fear it, instead.. revel in it. Today, I have honestly woke up from being so clouded by misery. So much that I've forgotten what it's like to leave dreamy hopes. But maybe I've grown. Maybe, just maybe, I'd prefer simplicity now. Oh, we'll see soon enough :) xx

I remember and I'll keep my promises I've made myself.
I've remembered but I won't forget either.
It'll always be..

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