Sunday, November 11

Can't you see?

Was heavy with thoughts last night.. glad I could talk it out with Nina for a bit. Woke up today with gastric (ugh!). I weight myself yesterday, guess what? I dropped another pound. I weight 88lbs now. My kind of diet plan; get stressed out and worry like a maniac. Whatever little food you consume will just be converted into nothingness. Got to Skype with the twins and mommy just now. She noticed me being..skinner. Does that one pound make that much of a difference? Yeah.. I guess it does. And I totally slept from 11ish to 9ish today. That's 10 hours of sleep! And what about the nap I took in the car? OMG I've slept so much yesterday.

Oh and I totally figured out when I started taking care of my hair so much. It was when I did dip dye twice in just a week. Cause I noticed the difference/damage on my ends! Then I just went into paranoia mode and conditioned it as a daily ritual. Thank god I acted out fast. Or there goes my lovely hair..

My tummy's still feel off :(

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