Friday, October 12

Oh so soon

Watched Taken 2 with Astha today and there were only 8 people in the theater! We got to talk and laugh and mess around the entire time cause it was practically empty! It was probably because it's a weekday and we watched it at 2something. Mm I bought a studded bag, a double use purse/clutch and a top.

Urgh I am so grounded when I return Malaysia.. not because I did something wrong but because the crime rate in Malaysia is too damn high! I am instructed to not leave the house by myself or wear "inappropriately" (e.g. shorts, tanks) WTH is wrong with Malaysia's crime rate :/ *sigh* I am stuck with wearing my least favorite item.. jeans! Not cool. Why oh why is Malaysia turning into such a dangerous place? Grr..

Ahhhhhh I gained one pound. No wonder I feel fat in everything I wear! OMG OMG OMG OMG! I am going to the gym tomorrow! I will run until I want to die! DETERMINED TO LOSE IT BY THIS WEEKEND! UGH.

Oh yea..I'm probably leaving this Monday or Tuesday instead.

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