Monday, October 15


So I spent the whole day reading one of the Vampire Diaries book yesterday (that explains my absence in my blog). As I was about to finish the book, I just didn't feel like going on anymore. So I continued the last few chapters this morning. I've basically spent the entire morning crying over it! Why? Because.. Damon died. Okay I know it's really silly to cry so much because a fictional character died but hey.. I couldn't help it! LJ Smith is such an amazing writer and did such a splendid job dotting Damon's death. The details and the emotions are so well written I just couldn't hold in my tears. Hmm or maybe I just have that sensitive side.

So I started on the next book..I wonder what happens next. I'm almost halfway through with it but fear not, I have got the next one :)

That kind of love can never be forgotten.

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